Visualisation Cover-Solo

How to use the secrets of Visualisation

I have indeed been a little busy with my recent studies over the past few months, for which I simply didn’t have enough space in my mind to continue with my vampyre series. In the meantime, I’ve simply had to get some further knowledge out there, this time about the secrets of visualisation and how to use them. There are in fact a couple of secrets one has to consider in order to use his visualisation skills and everybody does actually have this skill!

“Ancient traditions have already used visualisation, yet one wonders if it was not another sham. Science has actually proven that visualisation works.

But how does it actually work? Are you already visualising? What’s the secret?

These and many more questions are answered in this little handy guide, which also explains how to successfully incorporate visualisation into your personal life in order to make profound changes for yourself and even the world around you.”


It’s now available at Amazon, Kindle, Smashwords, CreateSpace as well as at Blurb 🙂


The Vampyre Memoirs

Upon pursuing my idea to write, which has actually presented to me as a fulfilling commitment I love to do every day, all the inspirations have kept on flowing. Then I wondered how to put all my ideas into one story. I’ve certainly had enough ideas to fill more than just one book, therefore I’ve decided to create a new, but completely different, vampire novel series putting myself in the shoes of the oldest vampyre siblings in the world. What would has it been like to be around for such a long time? What did they experience? Each of the siblings is telling one particular story of his/her life with flashbacks into the further distant past.

Anyway, the first book of the upcoming series has been published on April 30th 2017. You will learn more about The Vampyre Memoirs here. Available both in English and German directly at Blurb, CreateSpace and Amazon as well as an e-book version at the Kindle store and at Smashwords.