The Story Of The Ickle Kitty

It’s about time for a new book. This time, however, it’s a graphic novel. But it’s not just some graphic novel.

I used to tell my severely traumatised foster cat this story about an ickle kitty to encourage her during bad times. Each time I told her the story, something happened inside of her and she’d come out, walk around a little, sit down somewhere else than under my bed. Then I thought, heck, make a book and try to collect some donations for her special dietary food while her rescue played devil-may-care with her/us. Unfortunately, she died while I was working on it and have since decided to donate 50% of the sales to Angel for Animals – Austria, who heard of us and did what the rescue of my foster cat could not to the time – help and collect donations. Hopefully The Story Of The Ickle Kitty is helping other animals in need from now onwards.

For the time being, it’s exclusively available at Blurb Books only. You can buy it as a softcover or as an Ebook:

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