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The Story Of The Ickle Kitty

It’s about time for a new book. This time, however, it’s a graphic novel. But it’s not just some graphic novel. I used to tell my severely traumatised foster cat this story about an ickle kitty to encourage her during bad times. Each time I told her the story, somethingRead More …

How to use the secrets of Visualisation

Visualisation Cover-Solo

I have indeed been a little busy with my recent studies over the past few months, for which I simply didn’t have enough space in my mind to continue with my vampyre series. In the meantime, I’ve simply had to get some further knowledge out there, this time about theRead More …

The Vampyre Memoirs


Upon pursuing my idea to write, which has actually presented to me as a fulfilling commitment I love to do every day, all the inspirations have kept on flowing. Then I wondered how to put all my ideas into one story. I’ve certainly had enough ideas to fill more thanRead More …

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